We are really proud of the services we deliver to our clients, and the feedback they have given us;

Northern Power Grid

In reference to our implementation approach Northern Power Grid said:

“The Group Trustees have been pleased with the transition of the administration and payroll services to Railpen. Their overarching aim was to ensure benefits continued to be administered and paid throughout the transition process, which was successfully achieved.”

Power Generation Pension Scheme

Power Generation Pension Scheme (formerly Eggborough Power Group Trustees) provided the following in regard to our service:

“The Group Trustees have been very pleased with the service provided by Railpen to the Trustees and their members since the transition. We are very appreciative for the on-site support provided by Railpen to assist the Company and their members.”

Magnox Limited

We provide a range of services to our clients, including developing a website for Magnox. They said:

“During the website development, Railpen listened, and were more than happy to tailor the design and approach to meet our needs, always delivering in a timely fashion throughout the project.”