About us

Our purpose is to secure our members’ future. Our dedicated teams help half a million members by providing pensions services across various industries.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to secure our members' future. 

It's a big responsibility and one that everyone at Railpen is proud to deliver. Our members and clients are at the heart of everything we do.

We support our members throughout their careers, through life and work changes and beyond into retirement. We pride ourselves on using our expertise and experience to provide both human, caring service and the long-term safeguarding of the assets we manage on their behalf. 

We're responsible for the safekeeping and investment of around £34 billion in assets for the 350,000 members of the railways pension schemes, one of the UK's largest and longest established pension funds. We're also responsible for the administration of other pension schemes for energy and infrastructure companies with around 150,000 members.

Our heritage of looking after the pension needs of the rail industry and its employees gives us our name and our unique outlook on how we serve our members. Railpen takes a holistic view, focussing on how we serve members today and how we can positively impact the communities and world they will retire into.

Our story 

Our heritage goes back over 50 years. However, we have come a long way from our beginnings as the pension office for the British Rail pension scheme in 1965. 

From privatisation to the many changes in rail franchises since, we have seen, innovated and evolved on our journey, ensuring our purpose continues to be delivered. 

Since 1999, we've supported trustees, employers and members from other industries, including Energy, Construction and Financial Services. Our deep understanding of the industries, clients, schemes, and members we support is the bedrock of our lasting relationships and the quality of our service and care. 

Our depth of experience and knowledge in supporting the changing scheme, member, industry and regulatory needs enables us to innovate, manage complexity and simplify it wherever possible.  

Every day we work together to help create a better future for your members and their families.

Our capabilities 

We provide market-leading pension administration, investment and fiduciary services for Defined Benefit (DB), Career Average Revalued Earnings (CARE), Defined Contribution (DC) and Hybrid Schemes, offering fully outsourced or co-sourced arrangements to our clients.  

Our talented colleagues are passionate about and all aligned with our purpose. Today, we are proud to support more than 500,000 members and over 170 clients.

Our awards speak for themselves

Though we are focused on our purpose, it is nice when industry peers acknowledge our services, approach and thought leadership. Railpen has won numerous, diverse awards over the years across nearly all of its areas of operation. Each is a testament to the hard work of our teams and their commitment to delivering for our members.