Climate Leadership

The climate crisis is a huge challenge for humanity, and we must all work together on it – we actively lead and collaborate to drive meaningful change where we can have the most impact.

Wind farmClimate transition

Tackling the climate crisis reflects the broader ambitions for our core purpose of securing members’ futures: our members do not retire into their portfolios, but into the real world.

We are committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050 or sooner across our investment portfolio and the emissions associated with our corporate footprint. (Download our Net Zero plan below)

Our long-term investment horizon exposes members’ savings to the impacts of climate change. Therefore, we have a dual responsibility: to make our investments resilient to this threat and to use our influence and scale to effect positive change in the world.

A strong foundation

We believe it is essential to focus on the foundational activity that can drive real impact over the long term, both climate-related and sustainability more broadly, over shorter-term headline-grabbing activity.

We do this through proactive and decisive activity:

  • Decarbonising our investment portfolio. We engage and encourage companies to align their business strategies with the Paris goals. Where companies do not make the progress we seek, we will escalate our engagement, voting and policy advocacy activity. We will also exclude companies whose climate risk proves unmanageable.

  • Investing in climate solutions. We allocate capital to companies producing those goods and services involved either in mitigating the harmful impact of climate change or in providing climate resilience.

The issue of climate change is intertwined with the declining biodiversity of animal and plant species worldwide. As such, Railpen will increasingly incorporate biodiversity discussions into our climate engagement and investments.

We are proud of our historic climate change advocacy and the steps that we have taken to create a better world for our members to retire in.

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