How we invest

In-house expertise delivers value for members and partnerships.

Leadership, partnerships and innovation

The scale, complexity and needs of the schemes we support give us the experience and knowledge to take leadership positions and drive innovation.

We have strong in-house capabilities that enable cost control and transparency, but also recognise where external support would improve outcomes for our clients and members. We are outcome-oriented, focusing on the needs of the schemes and their members and are not constrained by chasing short-term benchmarks.

Positive outcomes for our clients and members go beyond raw investment returns; our strong in-house capabilities also allow us to challenge external provider fees, where needed, to maintain an appropriate cost base and ensure value.

We believe our in-house expertise enhances our external partnerships and also brings great value to them. Our in-house strength allows us to fully leverage our relationships and maximise our resources in areas where we have the existing capability.

We take pride in our long-term strategies which enable us to exploit opportunities, be an excellent long-term partner to organisations that others might not see value in, and deliver on our purpose.

Our capabilities across both DB, DC and hybrid schemes mean we maintain a holistic picture of the pensions landscape, giving us the tools to provide the most effective solutions to deliver the best results for members.

Agility and dynamism are crucial to our purpose; to achieve this, we seek to hire and retain the best talent, while partnering with third parties for additional expertise where required.