Pension administration

We are committed to delivering an exceptional member and client experience that goes beyond basic administration.

Proud to support your members

Railpen is a market-leading and award-winning pensions administrator, looking after the interests of more than half a million members and 150 employers across the UK.

We're proud to support your members as they work and save with you for their future. Choosing a pension administrator is an enormous decision for any employer or Trustee as you look for a provider that will both support your technical and business needs, and provide a quality level of genuine care for your members. 

We are devoted to keeping things as clear and simple as possible for members, even though we support one of Europe’s most complex schemes. This requires a level of in-house expertise and customer care to help members understand their benefits. We remain agile to changing client needs and provide solutions that really help members, while managing the challenging regulatory backdrop and increasingly complex world we live in.

Collaboration is key; constant engagement with our clients and their members is integral to how we operate, allowing us to build solutions that meet their needs in the most efficient way. We pride ourselves on delivering multi-award-winning support, education and digital tools for your members to help them make the best decisions for their futures and value the benefit you provide.

We use our scale, knowledge and experience of managing complexity, balanced with the passion of our people who truly care for the schemes and members they support. This helps us deliver a member and client experience you would expect from a high-quality provider and a depth of relationship and support you might not.