Active ownership

We believe that financial and sustainability outcomes are not mutually exclusive – they are complementary and integral to protecting the interests of members over the long term.

Solar farmAn active, universal owner

We are in a privileged position to operate on behalf of our members. Our members don't retire into a pension fund, but the world and local communities around them. We have a duty to engage and collaborate in a meaningful way to drive positive outcomes for them.

Railpen is a universal owner and has a best-in-class, fully integrated approach to achieving both financial and sustainability outcomes for members.

Sustainable ownership is our approach to incorporating sustainability issues, like climate change or executive pay, into the investments we manage on members' behalf.

We believe that investing members' and employers' contributions in well-run companies that seek to address all the risks and opportunities facing their business model is the best way to protect and increase the value of members' savings. These risks and opportunities include environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues such as climate change or the company's approach to its employees' health and safety and representation.

Ultimately, we want businesses and society to thrive and positively influence the creation of a better world for our members to retire in.

The Sustainable Ownership team conducts in-depth research and creates clear roadmaps for our engagement, utilising the wide range of stewardship tools at our disposal.

Collaboration is central to our approach and ensures our engagement has the most impact to drive long-term collective change. We believe that the role of public policy advocacy is an increasingly important part of being a responsible investor.

Our award-winning Sustainable Ownership team works on three focus areas:

  • Integration
  • Stewardship
  • Climate Transition

You can also read more about our work in our Sustainable Ownership Reports below.


We actively vote in AGMs and engage with policy and regulation makers, as well as the global industry. You can learn more about our engagement in the knowledge hub.

Voting records

Transparency is key. We publicly disclose our global voting records via externally hosted websites. Disclosure is subject to a waiting period of three months from the end of the month in which the meeting is held. Archives of our historic UK and Japanese voting are also available.

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